today i thought i would share some of my favorite iPhone photo apps that are absolutely perfect for project life.

i take the majority of my photos with my iPhone mostly because i always have it close by....  it's easy to tote around when we're out and about and the photo quality is actually really good.  i also find myself using a lot of the iPhone apps to make my flow of project life easier.

here are my top 4 apps...which i think are perfect for project life!!

my #1...

this app is just. plain. awesome.  it is an amazing photo editing program developed my the designers of rad lab (which is a great plug in for photoshop and photoshop elements).  i use rad lab all the time in photoshop so i was stoked to find this little gem in the app store.  it is so super easy to use and is definitely worth the $1.99 price tag.

this app offers many different "recipes" to lighten photos, improve contrast, change to black & white, add filters, etc....

totally worth having!

here's an example of the "lights on" option

and here's an example of "lights on" and "simple b&w"

my #2....

this app is awesome and is perfect for adding text to your photos prior to printing out.  it's so user friendly and has some pretty awesome fonts.

after you add your text, you can change the color, resize and move it around to fit your picture.  so perfect for project life (and instagram)!!

below are two examples.....

my #3...

i definitely recommend the previous two first, but his one is a fun one if you like to play around with photos.  it has a variety of uses......filters, enhancing photos, black & white, etc...  but i really love it because it allows you to place your pictures into shapes.  and the pictures look great in a project life album.

here are two examples of the shapes...

my #4...

this is a great app for keeping track of photos and events.  it's basically a calendar that lets you upload a photo to each day of the month.  i have my app set to send me a daily reminder to upload my photo and it's perfect for trying to "remember" what happened on monday that sunday when i'm putting my album together.

here's what my january calendar looked like....

there you have it.  my favorites. 

i love my iPhone and i love project life.  and i love how the iPhone has made project life that much easier for me.  

hope these help you!!  let me know if you have any questions!!