Oh Halloween. I am so glad you are over. :)

I do Halloween for my kiddos and that's about it. Halloween has never been my favorite. I struggle with what to wear, all of the orange stuff and I eat way too much candy. But my kids....well...they pretty much eat, breathe and sleep Halloween starting around October 1st. I will admit, though, that now that they're older, Halloween is just a weeeee bit more fun. And our neighborhood is fantastic and everyone is out an about, so I try to think of it more like a social hour, lol. 

Anna was the Pokemon, Pikachu, and Drew was Boba Fett from Star Wars. Pokemon and Star Wars are all the rage at our house this year, so these costumes were no big surprise. Kind of an eye-sore, but no shocker! Gone are the days of fairy princesses and pumpkins, I think...

Hope you and your family had a very happy Halloween! And HELLO November!! xo