Thank you for allowing me to capture you and your significant other! I am super excited about your session and before I jump in front of you with my camera, there are a few things about me and our session I think you should know!  

1.) We are going to have SO much fun and I am going to become your friend. For the time we are together, I really want you to think of me as your friend! We will laugh a lot together, dance all over the place, make jokes and I'll probably be running around like crazy recording every detail and moment that's happening!

2.) I have one BIG rule for our session! I am going to ask that you please just IGNORE my camera and the fact that I'm snapping your photo! I know photos can feel awkward and weird anyway, so just pretend that I'm not there and we should be great! We will definitely take some of those "everyone look at the camera" moments, but unless we're setting up for that, I want you to focus on YOU! I want you to hug, kiss, dance, walk, run, laugh and be silly! I want the REAL you. Your REAL family moments. Those REAL smiles. 

3.) If any of the above scares you, then I may not be the best person to record your memories. I truly believe in capturing those organic, natural + raw moments. The moments that I wish I had captured for myself. The moments that fade too quickly with time. My goal is to give you a glimpse of what your wonderful life looks like through the lens! 

See you soon! xo

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